Sunday, January 29, 2012

monday blues.

Hellooooooooooo. Tomorrow is monday!!!!!!!!! >:( Need to wake up early.... do plenty of homework.... come home late......... study hard..... argh dnw :(

My aunt's open house now!!!! But sadie me no fwenz so I'm in my room now with lots of background noise like kids shouting and people shouting non-stop lol.

And since I makeup for tonight... I shall not let it go to waste!

Ok i admit i abit lame. lol.


hmm my webcam not bad! LOL.

Really lazy to do anything I wanna nua watch dramas and stay in bed for lyfe but its impossible sian.
Btw I was expecting some handsome guys to come since my aunt invited the datuks and datins.... but why do i see kids only...... :(

LOL my blog post getting damn boring sia.

I really hope I can join my fwenz tomorrow!!!!!!!!! :'( I wanna camwhore in uss one lehz.....

Oh and its the releasing of posting results tomorrow right!!!! Goodluck to any 95ers or 94ers reading my blog!!!!!!! /blowkisses

ok lame post getting lame so bbyeomz.

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