Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Hello peeeeeeeps. I look like I'm like super free right, everyday updating my blog. LOL. Truth is, eventhough the official lessons starts today, all the teachers just gave us expectations, intros etc so yeah, no homework today~ Tomorrow 2 periods math so yeah won't be online :(

I've been in taylors for only 2 days and I feel so miserable. I don't smile in school, I don't laugh (okay i have but its those small hehe laugh not those L O L laugh). I miss laughing out loud at my friends' jokes the most sigh. Everyday in class I can't help but to think back the days in secondary school.... with 4/8, with my qtpies etc, all the wasiolz, wayuni, burger jokes. Omg now I can't even wasiol to anyone!!!!!! :( People will prolly think I'm nuts :[

Uhm at least I made a fellow donghae friend? Xueli ^^ My classmate too!!!!! When we were exchanging numbers i screamed coz her wallpaper donghae. LOL. Back to myself for one second haha.

I am so not myself these days. My mind is seriously blank or just thinking about the past, sec school days etc. And then I just sleep in the car, run some errands, eat with my godma, come home, tidy room, bathe and sleep. Gosh my life is so boring.

I hope on friday after the so called CCA exploration week and after I join a club I can make more friends!!!!!! Wa shiock really wanna meet some seniors coz they look super chio/stylish/handsome/cute/accent-ed(LOL). So I kept telling myself to just tolerate tolerate, just tolerate being alone this week!!!!

ok la my post so long and lame i doubt there's anyone reading it. :( If there is still someone reading I will really appreciate it if you mention me in twitter? So I will just continue updating, if not I will just private it up and blog to myself. LOL #foreveralonewhatelse

I feel quite irritated at myself bcoz my friendz all busy and troubled by the courses thing and I can't do anything to help them :( Omg just to let you guys know, I am always here ok! My school have wifi, so just whatsapp me anytime yeah ~.~ I will try my best to give advises!!! :)

Ok i'ts gonna be 11. Gudbye i hope tomorrow is a better day :)

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