Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'll back off so you can live better.

Hey there!!!!!! I finally opened my blog! :)
Sorted out some of my thoughts carefully and deleted many posts.... of course those posts are posted only for me to see. lol. Okay finally happysy is back! ^^

Just came back to KL.... very bu she de my family :( One week is really too short lah sigh. Went to bali from last thursday to tuesday! Quite fun lah... scenery there is great but SO MANY CREEPY CRAWLIES. If the villas i stayed dont have those huge lizards, huge ants, tons of mosquitoes i think my trip will be more pleasant. Haha. AND SO MANY ANGMOHS *O* Saw a veryvery tall angmoh girl, like around 190cm? She's super super pretty, like really breathtakingly beautiful. Many guys went like: :O when they saw her haha.

Andand i made a promise to myself that if in the future I have a rich boyf I MUST go bali with him!!!! Super romantic there :D

There's this glass church which is damn chio:

And also rock bar!!! Its a bar on a cliff! COOL ANOT! You can also have a romantic candlelight dinner at a far secluded corner on a cliff omghowromanticisthat.

How it looks like:
So cool right... the awesome sea breeze... the good atmosphere.......

And the resorts hotels villas spas there so awesomeeeeeeeeee! /spazzzzzmodeon

Went out with babygal vonz on wednesday!!! A very well spent day indeed! Just like how we spend our holidays back then in sec2 :D:D:D Went town, ate, shopped, laughed like mad and h2h talk! Pictures up as soon as that girl is not lazy! :P

Went out with chanel yesterday! Went sbw to sing k, then went cwp for a movie, "We not naughty"!!!!!!! Good movie! I laughed and cried alot haha. SHAWN IS SO QTQTQTQTQTQT AND HANDSOME ESP AT THE LAST PART WHEN HE WORE A FUCKING SUIT. His dimples and nose and hair and skin......... *O*

Okay i think my post is getting really long I should stop!
Damn lazy to off laptop and do homework hm hm hm ok nap then burn midnight oil do okset.

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