Monday, January 9, 2012


hello!!!!!! I'm currently in my aunt's house in KL, quite sad sia my first day of school :(
(p/s i need to sleep soon 4 lectures tmr omg)

Erm when i reached there everyone was with their friends or they were like, "OMG HI SAME SEC SCHOOL!!" Then i'm standing there like a loner :( But after that made some new (smart) friends and ate lunch with them. I can't go in their conversations at all lmao so i just stone everywhere we go LOL.
Okay then went into our classes, cool anot my class like suju 13 people only. LOL SAD THING: 4 BOYS. But not bad leh all of them quite qt and friendly!!
Played icebreaking games and we were supposed to write our first impression on each other.

Then went home, got my results from the phone, (THANKS VONBABE) and my parents!!! Idk why my parents so happy sia thankgod they dgaf on humans LOL. Erm yeah i failed my humans and got c5 for my bio. Sian now how to take bio alevel?!?!?! :'( Need to work 1873981371098 times harder man. Bobian i'm determined to be a nerd!
Other than that quite happy lah i have 5 distinctions!!! ^^ My wish was to go up on stage to take my results but sadly... :'(

Friday got orientation party woooooooooo hope to see the two qt angmohs again LOL SORRY I AM LAME.

obtw last thing, im sad i need to wear like long jeans jacket long sleeves everyday coz the aircon there like 10degrees no joke they say they wanna make us experience winter. uhm okay...

Okay i need to sleep now i hope my friends are happy now i really miss them like a lot :) Skype soon babies! xoxo

(you are one hell of a petty bitch, what do you want huh. me to apologize to you after like 5 months? seriously?

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