Friday, January 6, 2012


Hiiii. Only picture coz others in jocelene's phone! ^^
Just reached home, and I'm leaving in 3 hours timeeeeee. Omg scared die me idk why lol.

Okay brief summary of what happened today!!
Went OC today, thought that it will be very boring and sian but turns out to be quite okay!!! Very little people go sia, like only got me joc adam poo jon chelsea like that. LOL. Ok so I was grouped with a bunch of boring people so sorry, I didnt join them!!! ): Ite was walking around school and chit chatting with jocelene ~.~ Turned out we both got soooo many topics to talk about!!!!! From guys to hobbies to random stuffs! Thanks for the drink yeah ^^ /hugs

Went home at 4 plus!!! Went cs for awhile with dumbo then homed.
Omg I am so gonna miss my friends!!!!! Thanks for all the messages, posts, etc i really appreciate it alot :') Let's keep in touch okay!

Time to bathe, recheck that I got bring everything and yeah...
Will find a time to post when I reach KL! Toodles! xoxo

p/s: I am still very sad I cannot join campfire tomorrow :(

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