Sunday, March 18, 2012

koreans jjang!

Pics taken today using my iphone!!! Love this app ttm hehe.

Hi my life sucks to the max currently -____________-
its 11:17 already but I have like
  • bio chap 4 & 6 notes
  • chem tutorial 7
  • lan test to study
  • chem chap 3 & 4 to study
lol....... tell me how to sleep?! 3 tests this week zomg.... somemore my weekends half gone due to the carnival in school. But its quite fun la haha :-) Today's is better than yesterday!!!!!!!! Coz I helped out hanguk club to sell kimbab and another food forget the name alr haha both damn delicious!!!!!!!!! We had access to free kimchi yknow I cant stop eating them LOL i ate like alot kimbabs also!!!!! Jjang! ^^ They are very nice and cute and friendly!!!!!! One of their boyf damn qt i kena dian dao........... LOLZ. Korean!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA I LOVE KOREANS TTM <3
I look humongous beside them LOL what is life

The dance performances in our school was not bad but i only like one!
So yeah thats all about our pathetic carnival LOL.

Sorry for the short update!!!!! :(
Damn busy argh obtw i'm not going to school on wednesday teehee so I'll update that day!
Goodnight people love ya guys!

P/S: 3 more weeks till holidays!!!!!! SEEYOU GUYS REAL SOON.

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